Women’s Hormonal Health

There are smiles and then there are SMILES… Eyes crinkle, wrinkles pop and joy is radiated.

A year ago, I wasn’t smiling like this. I was, in fact, hiding how bad I was feeling. Joints were aching, hair was thinning, waistline growing, sleep severely disrupted and brain fog was my “new norm”. Three years to the day of starting a very powerful anti-cancer drug that was systemically taking the estrogen out of my system.

As a Health and Fitness specialist, I was not taking this too well. For me, it was time to go on a quest to find a solution and didn’t know what I would find, but I was ready to do my homework.

Little did I know, I was in for a very delightful surprise.

I serendipitously came across Dr. Beth Westie’s website which specializes in women’s hormonal health.  I reached out to her and she got right back to me and this was truly transformative for me.

Dr. Westie told me about a system of very nutritionally dense foods and adaptogens and I was open to listening and more importantly, I was open to trying.

Within 10 days, I started to notice a difference in my energy and for the first time in years I dreamed.  I entered into REM sleep and it was like an alternate universe, seriously.

As the weeks came and went, my hair thickened up, I was able to lean up and build lean muscle, something that I could clearly see I was losing no matter how beautifully I was eating before. My brain fog lifted, and I felt better than before.

You might not be able to relate to being a cancer survivor, but you might be able to relate to some of the other symptoms I was experiencing, especially if you are heading into your 50’s.

Here’s the truth: it doesn’t matter. If you want to have the most amazing health, sometimes you need extra help and this whole food system was exactly that. I now have all my coaching clients on this system. I see them lose weight faster, create lean muscle, and enhance their metabolic health. In short, I am able to help them in a deeper way.

It is truly a gift.

– Coach Lesslee

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