It’s time to get your groove back!

You can get your groove back, with the right support in place!

Tired of carrying around that extra weight that zaps your energy and makes you feel like a stranger in your own body?

Weight loss does not have to be difficult. Sometimes we know what to do, but we’re still not getting the results. I can show you how to get your GROOVE back, it’s a journey I’ve traveled myself.

So, what does it mean to “get your GROOVE back?” Here’s what it looks like: Wonderful energy and enthusiasm for life; increased strength; a feeling of joy while moving your body and a feeling of freedom around food. At 60, this is my life!!

Work one-on-one with me!
Together we will:

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I haven’t always had a healthy lifestyle.

I haven’t always had a healthy lifestyle. In my 40’s I squeezed in sporadic exercise on the weekends as I juggled the pressures of work and raising kids. I was a classic yo-yo dieter gaining and losing the same weight over and over again. I was addicted to sugar and too busy to worry about what I was putting into my body—until a debilitating autoimmune disease turned my world upside down.

This diagnosis took me on a seven-year quest to find peace, balance and health. I became fascinated with the benefits I experienced due to changes in diet and exercise. I not only regained energy and health, I was finally able to get off the dieting roller coaster and maintain a slender weight! I went back to school and studied holistic nutrition. I continued on to become multi-certified in several modalities for weight loss and lifestyle coaching.

Two decades later I am healthy, vibrant and strong. I have healed my own eating patterns and share the valuable knowledge of the cause of my healing with others so they can be healthy and fit too.

Support is the most crucial aspect of your plan as you embark upon change. As your coach, I will be there to provide you with encouragement and support you in being accountable to your own vision and goals. One of my biggest joys is seeing people get their groove back and stand in a position of personal power. My goal is to assist you in working around obstacles that stand in the way of you reaching your deepest health and fitness desires.
I am humbled that I have the opportunity to assist others feel as awesome in their own skin as I do in mine—to show up in life and fulfill all they are meant to be.

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I have gone through the similar journey you are facing now.
I know how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you stuck.

I can help you create the transformation that you want to achieve and keep you accountable to your own version of a leaner and healthier you.

I’m trained to help you rewire old habits and feel empowered to stick with life changes once and for all. Whether you’re traveling, at a restaurant, attending a party or just cooking at home, I can teach you how to have a sense of freedom knowing exactly how to eat in a balanced way in any situation you encounter and approach exercise with a new mindset. With ongoing support and education, I will teach you how to navigate and feel confident in making these lifelong changes, ones that are designed to assist you on your own personal journey.

Stay committed to a new lifestyle with the right support and be amazed with the results.

Surrounding yourself with support is the best thing you can do for yourself. A key piece of that support is having someone walking beside you who has been through this before. I will offer you ongoing, highly individualized support, including biweekly check-in calls. We’re in this together. Give me six months of your dedication and commitment, and I will give you everything that I’ve got to get you where you want to be! Ready to get started?

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We are an excellent fit to work together if you:

  • Have the mindset to do what needs to be done
  • Have a lot of information but are not getting the results you want
  • Want to live the best version of yourself
  • Are dedicated to getting what you want, especially with the right tools
  • Stay involved in this awesome journey
  • Are ready to Up-level your health and fitness AND feel empowered with your life
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