The Benefits of a Virtual Coach

Imagine this.

You are at a restaurant, staring at an expansive menu that boasts the words “creamy”, “cheesy”, “decadent” and “rich”. Your mouth turns dry and you think to yourself, “What could I possibly eat on my well-deserved night out while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle?”. 

Sound familiar?

In times like, these, don’t you wish you had a trusted and knowledgeable person you could text, call or email with questions to ask about nutrition and fitness? Almost like they were in your back pocket! Just think: whenever you had a question about which foods cause inflammation and which encourage weight loss, you had their expertise at your disposal!

Wouldn’t that be life-changing?

In today’s society, we are inundated with information that is overwhelming at best and not always accurate for the most part.  And having a one size fits all approach is simply not going to work!

But, in truth…

  • The app on your phone just isn’t cutting it- where is the personalized touch?
  • The information in books, magazines, and Facebook confuses you.
  • The diet that worked for Deborah Sue down the street is just not working for you.

Finding the perfect Weight loss coach to fit your individual needs can feel impossible or overwhelming, especially if you’re already feeling daunted by the whole process! It doesn’t have to be though.

That is one of the benefits of a virtual coach.

A virtual coach is there to offer assistance, accountability and knowledge to get you where you want to be — all through the ease and comfort of the digital realm.

What is a Virtual Health Coach?

In a nutshell, a virtual health coach is a qualified coach you can train with and learn from — anywhere.  You can work on your personal goals from the comfort of your home, office, car or wherever you feel comfortable; in a spot and at a time where you are able to focus. Are you constantly on the go for work, or hustling and bustling through life? A virtual coach can be wherever you are, through text message, email or video conference!

Finding the best coach no longer is limited to your area. Expand your reach and find the very best person for you!

Trust me — you are ready to take a definite step towards a lifestyle change that you can live with, as well as one that gives you the results you truly want and desire. If you are ready to get this health journey started, and you are ready to see more significant results, simply click here so we can find a time to chat, for free, about how to get your life on track. You need someone who is educated in this field, which you can trust, who has years of experience and has proven results. I am looking forward to being that person for you, and answer any questions you may have on.

Here’s to new beginnings!

Much love,

Coach Lesslee

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  1. I want to achieve a healthier lifestyle but it is difficult for me to stay motivated. Thank you for sharing that a virtual coach will help me to find the best coach for me because I won’t be limited by their location and geography. Also, the fact that they can check in with me through email or phone will help me to stay motivated on a daily basis.

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