Stepping into your Potential

Stepping into your potential

In a world of instant gratification, it can be difficult to make changes if the results aren’t immediately seen or felt. Beginning the process of doing something today, that might end up giving us a better tomorrow is frequently lost on this quick fix mentality of today.

Here is what I have found… That when we move out of our comfort zone into doing behaviors that are not always so comfortable, we can easily fall back into old patterns.
We need to break these patterns to become more of who we want to become.

I clearly remember the day my first book arrived as I started my transition into becoming a fitness professional. After years of being out of the school loop, working a job that I could do in my sleep and raising two daughters, as soon as I opened it up, I wanted to slam that book shut and send it back. My pattern was survival mode. Now came a time where I needed and wanted to step up in life, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

So when it got hard, I dug in deeper because I had my WHY in place.

When we let go of instant gratification and get uncomfortable, we start to step into our potential. Staying the same might be easy at the time, but it becomes very hard when our life isn’t what we want it to be and we stay stuck in behaviors that are hurting us in the long run.

Stepping up can be as simple as doing one thing that you know makes you feel better about your life.
1. Drinking more water
2. Getting a better night’s sleep
3. Making sure you exercise
4. Eliminating processed foods

It doesn’t have to be super hard, just something that is aiming you in a direction that will elevate your life. Start now.

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Till next time,

Coach Lesslee

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