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How I Stopped my weekend Splurges

4 Strategies that helped me stop weekend overeating


I used to overeat like a boss-------Krista Scott-Dixon. Ph.D.

Truer words.... My story is very similar.

I was in it to win it. I got caught up in a crazy cycle of restricting calories during the week, along with hitting the exercise hard to burn off the prior weekend’s indulgences.

This bad habit was keeping me from my goals, in fact, I was starting to gain weight. The fun of the weekends eating, and drinking started to become a burden. I was trying to “Outrun” my fork with excessive cardio, which backfired. This set me up for weekend overeating because my body was underfed during the week. Sunday I'd start to worry about Monday, I knew the scale was going up, and I could see the bloating in my face, and stomach. I actually looked older when I woke up on Monday morning.

It was time to find a new way.

How did I finally break up with weekend overeating?

I decided to take a new approach, so I got help from a nutrition coach. I realized that I didn’t just have a weekend challenge, it was my weekdays too. I needed a fresh start, a new outlook, a way to enjoy my entire week, not just the weekends.

I wanted a healthier relationship with food, one with fewer rules, and more freedom, that would put me in charge of food, not the other way around.

Once I gained clarity about what I was doing, and how it was affecting my life, I learned how to create habits that gave me the best of both worlds.