Who is she?

I heard her say in that soft voice, a whisper really, ….  Who do you think you’re fooling?

What’s up with that new flab around the belly?And those pants are fitting, a bit snug these days?

It’s endless the mean things I allow her to say to me, no-one else would dare…  She is SO not a good friend- in fact I don’t even like her!
Who is this bitchy person anyway?
That’s right, my inner critic, i.e. my lizard brain- the one who tries to sneak mean thoughts in just when I think she’s left me for good.  This voices tries to keep me stuck in self-limiting patterns and beliefs, ones that try to hurt me when I least expect it.  Ones that were part of my old story, my victim story.

Do you have your own version of that inner critic?  If so, my advice is to acknowledge it for what it is, and then kick it to the curb.
Once you become aware of this sneaky voice, it immediately has less power over you.   Kindly explain, that a new story is being written.

In this story, you are whomever you want to be, a warrior, a survivor, a slayer of dragons a lover of self.  ‘

But most importantly the creator of empowering thoughts.
It takes practice and fortitude, but soon that voice will fade, for the most part.
Soon a new voice arrives, and you must welcome that voice with open arms and open heart so that it hangs around for good.  This new creature Is one of your new best friends and the first thing she says when you look in the mirror is…

“Hello Beautiful”!  ?

Coach Lesslee

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