The beginning of it all…. The Witch and Halloween

For those of you who are acquainted with  me, there is no big surprise that Halloween was my favorite holiday. Yes, yes, yes… even more beloved to me then the gift giving Christmas and the chocolate egg filled Easter and there were two main reasons:  I could dress up like the witch in Wizard of OZ, not Glenda the good witch, but the ugly green faced witch who spun her broom around and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. WOW,..for a young child, this was such a cool, magical vision!  But here is the real reason I loved Halloween, it was all that CANDY… Surprise!  Not just one or two kinds, but colors, shapes and textures and crazy amounts of that sugary stuff! Carmel, chocolate, licorice, gummies and crying out loud, what variety!    I would eat till my face and butt blew up. Nothing could stop me; I was the unstoppable eating machine, it was Nirvana.  But then came the late night belly ache and the morning sugar coma and I would be like a character in the walking dead.

Growing up didn’t change this crazy behavior. I would swipe my kids candy till they became savvy to my sneaky ways and I’m proud to say they were quite good at finding very clever hiding places. Smart kids. But as smart as they were, I was more determined.  I’d spend however much time it took to find their stash, almost like a game of hide and seek.  Why not just go buy my own?  It wasn’t the same, I wanted to sort through the jewels their pillow cases held, more tempting then any shiny diamonds these morsels.

Many years later there looms another Halloween and now it’s no longer my favorite holiday. WHAT??  I have finally out-grown it, the candy and the costumes (My fiancé might disagree with the costume part) It sometimes amazes me that I can pass out all these sugary, bites sized trinkets and not feel the need to steal and hide my own candy!

With my thievery days over, those sparkling treats are no longer sugar, but health, happiness and freedom from this addiction.  Yes, let’s call a spade a spade, I was addicted.

Today will start the flow of one holiday after another and even though I’ve traveled a very long way, I try never to forget how miserable this substance can make me feel- physical and mentally.  I won’t be so bold as to say I have arrived, but I have somehow managed it.   I feel free from it, but never take my freedom for granted.

Some of you might not be able to relate to the sugar thing, that’s o.k.  But possibly you can relate to not feeling so good about the state of your energy, health or weight.   Almost anyone can relate to something that steels your joy and takes away your personal power.

As we move along with the kickoff of this holiday season, we are all on the same side, in the same tribe, the same team.  Whether it’s too much alcohol, sugar or just gooey foods that will be your temptation, I hope to guide us all through the magic of the holidays without the guilt and Pepto-Bismol.      We will partake and enjoy, we will probably go a bit overboard and do behaviors that aren’t so good for us, but here is the gift: I can bet that we will do better than we did the year before and the year before that. We are just aiming for a bit better than, not perfection and so we move up on the continuum.

Happy Halloween!!  Coach Lesslee

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