Are you still counting calories to lose weight?


Relying on counting calories is fundamentally flawed, and here is the WHY…

Why You Should Ditch Counting Calories

When we read the labels on the foods we purchase, we blindly trust that the food companies are giving us factual information on the breakdown of the calories of the food. But, in truth we can’t know exactly what the real breakdown is. Sometimes the labels are off by up to 50%! So, for example, it might stay “250 per serving”, but in reality, it might be twice as high! In addition, you have to take into account the absorption, digestion and the nutrients in these foods and more importantly the way our body utilizes them. An organic apple and 10 almonds is roughly the same number of calories that is in a small bag of chips- but the chips have no nutritional value and will actually keep you from losing weight even while restricting calories because our body doesn’t do well with foods that are so processed. 

Mind-blowing, right?


Learn From My Mistakes

 In my old calorie counting and dieting days, if I was taking in 1,200 calories (which was considered a standard diet for years) I could eat whatever I wanted for the most part, as long as it fell within this range. I didn’t consider that my body was not able to use the processed foods in the same way as whole natural foods. I couldn’t understand why I seemed to be eating hardly anything and still not losing the weight. I couldn’t understand why I was losing energy by mid-day and getting sick so frequently!


Here’s the Deal:

The reality is that the body knows exactly what to do with real foods, but when we eat foods that are highly processed, our bodies treat this like a foreign agent.  It is not recognized, it is hard to process and break down and most is stored as fat.

In order to have a lifestyle change that will promote weight loss and great vitality,  we need to shift out of the calorie counting and points to creating a diet that is rich in the macro and micro nutrients that our bodies need to run smoothly, to eliminate toxin to release fat.


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