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Meet Coach Lesslee

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My Story 


During and after menopause, I noticed my body

changing, and not in a good way. I also developed a couple of nasty habits, overeating and then (trying) to exercise it. I dieted, I exercised- I tried it all, only to gain more weight. 


 Something had to change, ME.... but I needed help.

  I found a great Nutrition coach who taught me how to work with my body, especially as I headed into my 50's. I was so excited and intrigued with all that I learned I decided to change careers mid-life to help other women find their success. Now, after13 years of education and 12 years of coaching women,

I feel confident I can help you too. 


Today, dieting and sugar addiction are in my rearview mirror! I created a lifestyle that works, and I can't tell you how freeing that feels. 

My mission Statement:

Help women feel strong and confident in their bodies. To be healthy, full of life and energy, to do all the fun things you signed up for. :-)


  • Learn how to change your body composition with nutrition and exercise that works for your body. 

  • You will learn to eat better consistently, without dieting or feeling deprived.

  • I will guide you on your journey, creating lifestyle changes you can maintain and enjoy. 

As your private coach, I'll be with you every step of the way, providing a program tailored for you, along with the support you need to make a life-changing transformation.

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Credentials & Awards

ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

ISSA Certified Fitness Specialist for 50 PLUS

DSW Fitness, Certified Lifestyle Coach

Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

ISSA Elite Fitness Specialist

ISSA Outstanding Student and Trainer of the Year (2018) 

IBBFA Certified Barre Instructor 

Why Work With Me?

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