The day after…


Here’s the reality, there will always be the day after:                                            

The day after


Impromptu get-together’s

And everything in-between “life happens” days! You and I are going to have times when our intentions are pure, yet we temporally lose our sanity and end up eating and drinking till our butts and guts burst.    Yep, it happens.

So we can feel guilty (which sometimes serves us, but mostly just makes us feel like crap), OR we can move on and start fresh.  When these life happens days, we have a ready-made way of getting right back on track.  It’s the Clean slate plate philosophy I teach, that one meal, one day does not make for a bad week if we nip it immediately.
IF you course correct within a couple of days you avoid starting a pattern, one that will undo all the good work you have achieved and more than likely no real damage is done!

What to do when we go overboard?

  • Drink extra water, add fresh lemon for a mild detox
  • Get up and move your body, this will make you feel better asap
  • Add in that green tea, our body loves those polyphenols and it is an anti-inflammatory
  • Get rid of sugars and simple carbs-think bloat and inflammation
  • Eat lean sources of protein which provide immediate metabolism booster
  • Sleep more, we might need to get a bit more shut-eye to lower that cortisol

Add extra leafy greens, legumes for fiber, antioxidants, and PH balance.

If we are going to eat something that is normally off the charts, make it something we really want, then truly enjoy it and move on.

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