6 Steps To Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Happy Thanksgiving

Can you get through Thanksgiving without gaining a pound?

Yep, you sure can!

Its a great feeling to let go of your anxiety over the holidays and realize that you can be in control, not the food. You just need a few tools to manage all these get togethers….. Good thing you have a seasoned coach to help you navigate all of these fun and food-filled events!

8 Steps to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain

  • Don’t go to any di9nner or event overly hungry. Eat a bit of protein beforehand so your appetite can be tempered.
  • Before the holiday, make up your mind: How much are you planning on drinking? I suggest no more than two max.
  • Pick 3 of your most FAVORITE foods, besides the main course, and put portion sizes on your plate and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
  • Get in a quality workout in that morning. Have your clothes out and ready to go! Walk fast, jog, or take a morning exercise class. I have my weight class already booked
  • Bring your own appetizer and make it a fun, healthy one. There are so many excellent appetizers on Pinterest! Follow at Coach Lesslee and pick a recipe that you will enjoy for early munching.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy each bite. Make this delightful meal last at least 20 minutes.
  • Have that piece of pie, but make it a smaller version then normal- No seconds!
  • Keep yourself away from the food table. Once you eat, leave and go into another room and keep your hands occupied with a cup of tea or coffee. I find that if I can brush my teeth this is very helpful. If not, then I use a piece of peppermint gum. Officially, I am done!

There you go — your Thanksgiving strategy to avoid weight gain! But even if you gain a pound, it isn’t a big deal! As long as you have a game plan so that solo pound doesn’t lead to FIVE POUNDS. In my tribe, we understand that one meal doesn’t mean a whole lot. It’s more about the compound affect and the majority of meals AND we also embrace the CLEAN SLATE policy. 🙂

Speaking of strategies, for those of you who are looking for more support over the holidays, maybe some super healthy recipe swaps and accountability, you can email me at lesslee@coachlesslee.com and we can set up a free call to make a plan!

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