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  Many women find their body has a mind of its own. Weight gain (especially around the middle), sleep issues, energy tanking mid-day, and losing precious muscle tone is your new normal.

 You've probably tried dieting and exercising to get in shape only to find you aren't getting the results you want. The truth is, what you did when you were younger probably isn't working for you now.

In reality, cutting too many calories and increasing your cardio can backfire with more stubborn weight! As women grow older, it is crucial to have a different game plan, not a harder one.


As Certified nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle coach----I've been trained by the best of the best, and along with 12 years of experience, I can help you finally reach your goals.  



 Signature Program 

Ditch Food Rules

You won't have to give up all the foods you love, even that glass of wine or chocolate!

Be In Control

Learn a sustainable Lifestyle approach that fit's into your day.

Feel Energized

Fueling your body with the right nutrition will give you energy--No more mid-day slump. 


As your personal coach, you will have all the support you need to help you reach your goals.   


Hi, I'm Lesslee, and I specialize in helping women over 50 get their Groove Back with weight, fitness, and energy. My signature Ditch, the Diet  Program, is not your typical program. I only work with a few clients to get all the attention and support you need to reach and sustain your goals. As a team, we will focus on what works best for your body, along with foods and exercise that will boost metabolism and help you create a strong, healthy body composition. 

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